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_2012/02/ Public Space 2.0 Talks at SENSEableCityLab MIT feb. 21-24
_2011/09/ Research Presentation at ISEA 2011 Istanbul sept. 14-21
international festival of new media, electronic and digital arts
published: Evolving Spaces Along Network Technologies | ISEA2011 Istanbul
presentation at paper session City, Public Space and Mobile Technology

_2011/09/ Sensing Place/ Placing Sense sept. 3-4
Ars Electronica 2011/ symposium and exhibition
-> lecturer: Sandrine Klot / lecture slides
-> exhibition participant: Ebru Kurbak / online documentation
-> publication:  Sandrine Klot / significanceOfBecomingActors_vonklot_mar12

_2011/07/ Research Feedback Review II july 5-6
-> 2-Day ScheduleTopics to be reviewed
-> Invited Guest Critics: Georg Flachbart/mind21Vasco Granadeiro/PhD student
at MIT PortugalSabine Knierbein/SKuORMark Shepard/UB Dept. of Media Studies
-> Research Lectures: Sandrine Klot, Ebru Kurbak, Friederich Kupzog/Dietmar
Bruckner, Isabella Hinterleitner, Oliver Schürer, Mathias Mitteregger
-> Guest Lectures: Mark ShepardSabine KnierbeinGeorg FlachbartVasco

_2011/01/ Research Workshop I /II
in cooperation with: University of Pennsylvania (PENN), School of Design
Winka Dubbeldam, Director of Post-Professional Program
workshop instructors: Isabella Hinterleitner/Institute for Computer Technology, TU Vienna; Ebru Kurbak/Institute for Space & Design Strategies, UIDA Linz; Mathias Mitteregger/Institute for Theory of Architecture, TU Vienna

-> workshop concept
-> workshop outline
-> technical specifications
-> lunch lecture by Isabella Hinteitner
-> lunch lecture by Ebru Kurbak
-> lunch lecture by Mathias Mitteregger -> lecture slides

_2010/11/  Contemporary Arts & Cultural Production
Universität Salzburg i.coop.w. Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
-> lecture by Sandrine Klot

_2010/10/  Media City Conference 2010
-> lecture by Sandrine Klot
-> e-book Media City 2010 (pp.355-367)

_2010/07/ Research Feedback Review I
invited guests: Victoria Coeln/light artist, Erich Petuelli/MA19,
Elsa Prochazka/Prof. s&d
consultants: Georg Flachbart/mind21, Aaron Kaplan/FunkFeuer
location: a-theory, Institute for Architectural Theory, TU Vienna
-> Design beyond Design -> presentation
by Sandrine Klot, head of research, s&d_research/ UfAID Linz
-> Nomadic Intimacy -> presentation
by Ebru Kurbak, PhD student, s&d_research/ UfAID Linz
-> Drawing a Circle: Search on mobile Devices -> presentation
by Mathias Mitteregger, PhD student, a-theory/ TU Vienna
-> Public Space: Disciplines and Methodologies -> presentation
by Isabella Hinterleitner, PhD student, ICT/ TU Vienna
-> Key technical Concepts for Interaction of Humans and Technology
by Friederich Kupzog, ICT/ TU Vienna
-> Intelligent Automation as means for Democratization
by Dietmar Bruckner, ICT/ TU Vienna

_2010/04/ Public Presentation: Public Space 2.0
introduced by: Dr. Manfred Lechner, Vicerector UfAID
Hörsaal A, Hauptplatz 8, University for Art and Industrial Design Linz
-> mögliche Kollaborationen german
by Sandrine Klot, head of research, s&d_research/ UfAID Linz
-> wearable lived space english
by Ebru Kurbak, PhD student, s&d_research/ UfAID Linz
-> Sorting – Governance german
by Mathias Mitteregger, PhD student, a-theory/ TU Vienna

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